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Particles Studio Pvt Ltd

About Us

Each of us is a particle

When tiny, miniscule, individual particles are aggregated together, they form the limitless and formidable universe. Likewise, at Particles, each of the members is a particle, minute may be, but not insignificant by any means. Blessed with their respective core competencies, en masse, they are a force to reckon with, each complementing each other beautifully. Together, Particles is competent to conquer any goal.

Particles is a Gurugram (NCR), India based media company working in the area of audio-visual content creation for television, events, and a variety of digital platforms. It is the brain child of Anil Sharma Jr, Uday Chauhan, and Vaibhav Dheer who have been old associates and long-time friends. Particles spontaneously segued into existence formally in 2013 with the arrival of a first project and the founding members’ desire to work together on challenging projects.

Board of Directors