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Beti Bachao (The Secret Screen)

On 21st July, we collaborated with PSLive for an event on the campaign “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao” for the Haryana state government.

The event had kiosks belonging to different organisations working in the field of health, education and women empowerment. We took responsibility of a kiosk named Nazariya – a kiosk which caught everyone’s fancy at the event. The underlying philosophy of Nazariya was “what you can’t see, matters most”.

We devised a technology for them which will go best with this philosophy. A blank LCD screen was all people could see and were further pulled in by the sound. It was only when they would wear the glasses could they see what was playing on the screen – A 2D animated AV urging people to let their daughters study and progress.

We used what can, at this moment, be simple termed as the polaroid film technology to achieve this. The glasses were handmade especially and diligently to give viewers a vivid experience.

Our technical expertise made it possible for the viewers to understand the underrunning concept that sometimes only when we change our perception or nazariya (put on the glasses) can we truly see what’s going on around us. Only when we see the world from a new perspective, can we determine to bring about a change.

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